My Fashion

Style for me is more than just dressing up. As an creative it's a form of expression, my culture, history, and makes me a walking piece of art.

My Style: Whatever I want, whenever I want haha! All vintage everything no matter the decade, bright colors, bold prints, classic looks. My style is versatile and I'm a chameleon. I love that I can switch it up whenever because every bit of my style and different styles of clothing I wear represents who I am. I'll go from punk rocker to Ashanti kente cloth adorned real quick or mix it together. There's no limits when it comes to fashion for me because it's my art and it's an expression of my culture, who I am, things I love.

Style Icons: Grace Jones, Kelis, Fran Drecher, Lil' Kim, Erykah Badu

Closet Must-Haves: Vintage pair of high waist jeans, metallic gold flats, 1980's vintage abstract print blazers, and vintage white blouses.



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