Why I'm Not Using Henna On My Natural Hair Anymore

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In April of 2017, I brought you all along on my red henna journey and it didn't go so well. Not because my hair fell out, or because it broke off. The experience was quite the opposite, my hair was very strong after the henna treatment. But dammit, I wanted color and I wanted it the natural way!

That wasn't my first time experimenting with henna. Back in spring 2016 I used light brown henna and got similar results as my second time; no color. Third time ain't the charm over here and I'm over it. Let me explain to you why I'm not henna-ing my hair anymore:

1. No Color

While there are benefits to henna treatments, many people add henna in their hair for the purposes of naturally coloring their hair. I returned natural in September 2010 and I started using box dye from August 2011-November 2012. I didn't have a negative experience with the dyes, but I wanted to focus on maintaining healthy hair and using natural products. I always love to change my looks and I thought a cute red would look good on me for the spring, so choosing a natural alternative was my only option.

I used Light Mountain's henna in "Red"last spring and not only did I use it properly, but I also added in extras like hibiscus, beet juice, pomegranate juice, and lemon juice and only a slight highlight in my hair appeared. Apparently henna for coloring hair only seems to work on light hair.

2. Too Messy

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I don't have a problem with a mess, but too messy is when the line gets crossed. When I first tried light brown henna in 2016, the mess wasn't as messy, but last year when I used red henna, the mess was ridiculous especially since I used multiple products to "boost" the color. I kept the red henna in my hair overnight and of course the juice dripped onto my pillow. Never again.

3. Waste of Time & Money

Again, henna is great for naturally strengthening hair, but I feel there are other less expensive alternatives to naturally strengthen hair. Henna isn't too costly (unless you're adding in extras like I did), but I feel there are other ways to add some oomph to your curls. I wanted to add some color to my hair, but it didn't work on my hair so for me it was a total waste of time and money. A protein treatment for strengthening my curls would have sufficed for me.

4. Too Many Risks

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While henna can be used as a booster if you want to eventually dye your hair with a permanent color, it comes with a risk. Henna stays in your hair for a good minute, so if you dye your hair after a henna treatment there's a risk it could be damaged or fall out due to the chemicals clashing. *Sigh* all of that for some damn hair color? I'm good. I've worked too hard for my hair to grow to be walking around looking like Myra leaving Sheneneh's Sho'Nuff Hair Salon.

Basically those are the main reasons I'm not effing with the hen-dawg anymore. Healthy, but since I want a pop of color, it's done nothing for my hair. I have read suggestions of people stating pure henna from Indian stores is better than natural beauty boxed brands like Light Mountain, but I think I'm just get like Nicki Minaj and "hang it up, flatscreen" (y'all know I'm not a fan, but that's her best line). Please keep in mind these are my personal experiences with henna (specifically Light Mountain's "Light Brown" and "Red" henna mixes) and what didn't work for me may work for you.

Although Shea Moisture pulled a foolish stunt last year, I may just grab a box of their natural dye and call it a day or find other alternatives. Otherwise, when it comes to henna, I'm done.

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girl bye.

What's your experience with henna? Does it work for you? Share below!

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