Is Morphe Brushes Coming to Ulta Beauty Stores October 2017? (UPDATE: Morphe Is Coming to Ulta!)

Photo: Morphe Brushes x Ulta Beauty

In the beginning of this month, I saw a few tweets from fellow makeup enthusiasts about Morphe Brushes coming to Ulta Beauty stores this October. However, I haven't seen any valid receipts from either company. I'm also subscribed to both Ulta and Morphe's email subscriptions and I haven't gotten any news on it so far. I searched on social media and on Google only to find a few makeup forums mention this, but no confirmed articles.

Makeup vlogger Sanders Kennedy stated in a video that all Ulta Beauty stores will not carry all of Morphe's products and that they will only sell the most popular items in the select stores. He also states there's no specific date for the release in October but to definitely expect an announcement. Kennedy will also be reaching out to Ulta's team for more details.

Since Sanders is a big YouTuber active in the behind the scenes of the makeup community, I'm sure there's validity to this. I just don't understand why neither company has announced it yet because this is big news. Ulta Beauty has been on their shit this year with M.A.C. Cosmetics coming to the store and Gabrielle Union's natural haircare line creating a partnership as well so this would be a good look for them.

Until the news if officially announced, I'll be waiting for Colourpop to come to Sephora this November. TKS will be sure to keep y'all updated on this!

UPDATE: 10/8/17

Looks like the rumors have been solidified! On Ulta Beauty's website, there is a page for Morphe's products. So far, there are no products for sale yet, but we'll see what they have in store!

What products would you like Morphe to stock at Ulta?

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