R Kelly Alleged to Have A Cult of Young Women, Sexual Predators & Their Idiotic Enablers

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In the early 2000's I was in elementary school and I remember the R Kelly rape allegations making headlines. I was too young to understand what exactly what was going on. Ironically, a group of Black girl classmates and myself performed a dance to the singer's "I Believe I Can Fly" song at our Black History Month assembly when I was in the 6th grade. Growing up in Chicago, I saw my city fervently standing behind him. During the height of the news and media frenzy following the case, the native Chicagoan released a gospel-esque song called "You Saved Me". I remember a family member who I later found out was a victim of rape stated "I don't think he did it. These little girls lie about their age all the time" once hearing the song. In 2008 when I was a sophomore going into my junior year, I remember R Kelly got off. It wasn't until recently that I took my time to research the case and was utterly disgusted.

Not only did I side eye the Pied Piper himself, but also his fans, and even all of the big name artists who continued to work with him even after the many allegations. So you're telling me for a 20+ year career, no one behind the scenes in the music industry peeped game backstage at concerts or at parties? I'm not buying this. This case reminds me of last year's news of sexual molestation allegations against hip-hop emcee Afrika Bambataa. Victims Hassan "Poppy" Campbell and Ronald Savage stated that they were both molested by the hip-hop pioneer on separate occasions in the Bronx River Projects. What made me sick to my stomach, was to read comments and see people in numerous videos stating that "everybody" in Bronx River "knew" Bambataa liked young boys and was a predator.

Yesterday, Buzzfeed released an article stating a new report that the singer has a sex cult of 6 women. Parents of the victims as well as three former associates of the artist released details validating the claims. According to the article, R Kelly has property in Chicago and the suburbs of Atlanta where "he controls every aspect of their lives". From what the girls eat down to what they wear. It was also stated that the girls in the cult were recorded during sex acts, physically abused, and were required to refer to the singer as "Daddy". They are his "babies".

One parent named J says that she and her husband Tim haven't seen his daughter who was off to college since December 1, 2016. J  daughter with R Kelly backstage at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on May 23, 2015 in Indio, California. They spoke for over two hours about her daughter's singing career leaving her excited that an r&b icon like R Kelly would be helping her child. J's daughter and R Kelly officially met in Atlanta at a concert backstage in January. Although the parents were fully aware of the artist's sexual abuse history, they continued to go along with the arrangement of having their daughter fly out to Cali, all expenses paid. The parents say their daughter is "brainwashed" and believes no one else loves her besides R Kelly.

The family of one of the victims, Joycelyn Savage, spoke out during a press conference:

Savage spoke out in a video with TMZ responding to the allegations. The 21-year old claimed that she's in a happy place and that everything going on with the allegations and her parents is a misunderstanding. She declined to answer if she is currently located in the state of Georgia or whether or not she lives with roommates. Some commenters stated that they saw shadows of someone in front of Savage moving around coaching her, using the "No" sign.

Of course these allegations were denied by R Kelly with a statement put out by his lawyer Linda Mensch.

With the long laundry list of sexual abuse allegations from marrying the at the time 15 year old late singer Aali.yah in 1994 to video tapes of the singer urinating and defecating on under aged girls, sorry but not sorry R Kelly fans, ya boy ain't looking too good and it's pretty obvious that he's on some other shit. Jim DeRogatis, the Chicago Sun Times journalist who brought the forefront, discussed in a 2013 interview with Village Voice how he came about gathering information of R Kelly's rape case in the early 2000's. DeRogatis stated that the Sun Times office was sent the notorious sex tape a year after the newspaper ran its first story on the allegations. Forensic experts came to the conclusion the young girl was about 13 or 14 in the tape. Mind you, tapes on the street were making way around the city as well. He also states that during the time he had interviews a dozen of girls listening to their stories for hours on end which he calls "stomach-churning".

"The saddest fact I've learned is nobody matters less to our society than young Black women. Nobody."- Jim DeRogatis

In 2016, R Kelly was reported to be dating a 19 year old girl named Halle Calhoun. Some people stated that the young woman is technically legal. True, however, what the hell is up with R Kelly and this pattern of being sexually affiliated with teenage girls?

Naysayers are stating that the media is attacking R Kelly because he's a rich, successful Black man. They're also pointing out that sexual abusers and pedophiles like Woody Allen (who is still directing films by the way) continue to flourish in the entertainment industry. While racial bias is and has always been relevant against Black men in and out the entertainment business, once again there is a laundry list of allegations against R Kelly since the early 1990's. Plus, that response is a poor, elementary use of justification for R Kelly since he has still maintained a well off career despite these numerous allegations throughout the years.

In his autobiography, R Kelly states that he was raped by a woman at the age of 8 and sexually molested by a neighborhood man as a preteen. He also stated that he would take photos of men and women having sex mentioning that "the photographic technology impressed me more than the sex." With those incidents and others in his life, it appears R Kelly had a horrific upbringing, however that does not give him the right to contribute in continuing the cycle.

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R Kelly is a musical genius, no doubt, but n*ggas make music everyday, B.Some of you all truly act like he's the only musical mastermind in the world. He has been supported and caped for over the years by BOTH men and women (as a matter of fact, I had to unfriend some idiot who still has the super cape out for Robert and it just so happened to be a woman). Black children aren't protected under any circumstances as a whole. From the Afrika Bambataa allegations in the 1980's to the R Kelly trial of the 2000's, this shows us how much money matters over the lives and protection of Black boys and girls. Because men like Bambataa and R Kelly have money, status, and fame, people around them including parents and entourages would sell children, even their own children, for the highest bid. Predators like the two entertainers specifically scout out victims who are apart of disenfranchised communities specifically connected with race, gender, socio-economic class.

To see grown ass adults continuously throw children of their own communities under the bus in support of a man who can sing like thousands of others, shows how deep the low self esteem, anti-Blackness, and self loathing is within our culture. It shows how strong the hatred, both conscious and subconscious, for Black women and girls is. It shows how strong the celebrity worship is in our society, resulting in this "short cultural memory" stated by Professor Mark Anthony Neal and inferiority complex. While I have never been a victim of sexual assault, Black Women's Blueprint reported that 60% of Black girls experience abuse before the age of 18. Let that sink in, that's over half of Black girls.

Let's keep it a buck, there is a lot of predatory shit going on whether you want to admit it or not. Growing up as a teen there would be men old enough to be my father and my grandfather trying to hit on me. Hell, even as a 25 year old woman, I still hate when men obviously older men try to hit on me. It's still predatory. What does a man in his 60's want with a young woman in her 20's? What does this say about a society that continuously chooses entertainers over the children who will eventually become the future?

Y'all are just going to have to find a new iconic family reunion song and retire "Step In the Name of Love" and find a new 8th grade graduation song besides "The World's Greatest". Our children matter way more than any r&b singer any day. If you cannot differentiate the difference between a fucking serial predator and a blatant media attack on an innocent Black man, you are the problem. If you're naming other famous sexual abusers to justify R Kelly, you are the problem. If you're blaming the victims, you are the problem. If you choose good music anyone can make over the lives of Black girls you are the problem, right along with your low vibrations and lust for R Kelly.

Even if these new allegations are false, R Kelly deserves nothing but bad things in his life for preying on young women. This is karmic. I couldn't care less if these cases are between 15-20 years old, they matter and the evidence is there and R Kelly has not fully paid for his perverted consequences. His career has maintained success through monetary gain, awards, and more. Whether or not these girls are legal, at the ages of 18 and 19, you're still a kid. Hell, my parents still blow my phone up like I'm in high school. At those ages, you're legal but usually still lacking in life experience, still impressionable and vulnerable especially if you come from certain types of home backgrounds (ie. dealing with abuse). This is a win situation for predators like R Kelly. Young enough to satisfy his fetish but old enough to not go to jail for it. And once again, he has a 20+ year old pattern of being sexually linked with teenagers. Honey chile, you can say "issa conspiracy", it's the Illuminati, "people weren't talk about child molestation before hand" and whatever other R Kelly loving deflections your heart desires, but the facts are the facts and your remix to ignition two stepping ass will have to deal.

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