How To Get FREE Lipstick From MAC Cosmetics on July 29th!

Photo: MAC Cosmetics

Raise your hand if you love freebies! I sure do and I never hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity, especially if it's involving food, clothing, or makeup. July 29th is National Lipstick Day and to celebrate, MAC Cosmetics is giving away one tube of their lipstick for the FREE.99. What's the catch you ask? There is no catch! Usually, you have to make a purchase to get a free item, but in this case, all you have to do is show up to your local MAC Cosmetics store. If there's no MAC store in your area, you can head to a MAC counter at a mall or any store that sells the line (ie. Ulta).

I know those lines are going to be crazy long. Everyone who's into makeup knows MAC is one of the best, top quality makeup lines out there. I'll be sure to get up early and bring a few wigs with me to change appearances so I can get a few free lipsticks!

Will you be grabbing a free tube of lipstick tomorrow?



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