Black Woman Accused of Stealing & Attacked In Beauty Supply Store

Photo: Screenshot
In Charlotte, N.C., a Black woman was accused of stealing eyelashes and attacked by Missha Beauty Supply owner Sung Ho Lim. In the recorded video, Lim is seen choking an unidentified woman to the floor even after she stated he checked her purse and found nothing.

The Charlotte chapter of the NAACP called for a boycott of Missha Beauty until Lim gives an apology to the Black people of Charlotte. Personally, I feel like: fuck a boycott and an apology, stop shopping there PERIOD. Anti-Blackness is also an issue among some Asians and it has been reflected in the treatment of Black customers who shop at Asian owned businesses in Black communities. I have personally experienced this treatment in 2013 at a beauty supply store in Chicago called Beauty World Beauty Supply.

Some people may say this is not race-related, but let's be honest; Black women have been openly getting attacked left and right. Even Black girls like Shashona Becton from the McKinney pool party and at the time 16 year old Shakara who was flung out of her seat at Spring Valley High School, both in 2015. This was a horrific and definite anti-Black attack.

Check out this list of Black owned beauty supply stores to support:

Do you think an apology is enough for this incident at hand? Also, share a Black owned beauty supply store you support below! (I support Studio 27 Beauty Supply Store in Chicago, IL)



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