Trump Inauguration & Protests Across the Nation

Photo: CBS News

January 20th marked the inauguration of 45th U.S. president Donald J. Trump. Social media was full of memes, groans, praises, and of course good ol' fashioned protests across the nation. As we know, many Americans aren't feeling the Trump's presidency because of his extensive background of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and overall messages of hate during his campaign for presidency and beyond. While the inauguration and inaugural events were happening in D.C., protesters took to the streets of the nation's capital to peacefully, and some violently, join in protest against what they call "fascism".

According to CNN, 6 police officers were injured and about 217 protesters were arrested. Protesters dressed in all black, waving black flags even busting windows on the street. The Women's March on Washington scheduled for January 21st will also be an act of resistance against the new regime.

Other rallies across the nation occurred in cities like Chicago, New York City, Boston, Oakland, and Los Angeles. International allies also collaborated in solidarity creating rallies in Hong Kong, Berlin, London and Tokyo to name a few cities.

As for the inauguration, many Americans "resisted Trump" by not tuning in and spent the day relishing in memory of President Obama's last eight years in office. On his first day at the Oval Office, Trump has already signed a executive order that will be "minimizing the economic burden of Obamacare". Looks like Trump is already on his mission to supposedly "Make America Great Again". 

What are your thoughts on the Trump presidency and what are you looking forward to in the next four years?



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