Donald J. Trump 45th President of the U.S.

I thought the powers that be would have selected Hillary Clinton as the next president, but I woke up this morning to see former reality star Donald J. Trump won the presidency as the 45th president of the United States.

We thought it was a joke, but the New York business mogul gained over 270 electoral votes taking the presidency. The reason it's so shocking is because all year Trump has been exposed for making blatantly racist and sexist statements against minorites including Blacks, Latinos, the LGBT community, and women. Unsurprising to me but surprising to many Americans, Trump has created a strong group of allies standing behind him. Trump hasn't even presented any real strategies for America, nor does he have any governmental experience. While I'm not a fan of Clinton, she does have the background and resume grounded in politics. The election results also presented that the Republicans remained in control of the Senate. Even some Republicans who had rejected Trump won.

Through the media, the true colors of the country's never ending racism, hatred, and bigotry have been on steroids for the past few years, especially with the constant unjust murder of innocent, unarmed Black people. In my opinion, the illusion is over. For Black people in specific, we have been comforted since the Civil Rights Act/integration and especially under the Obama presidency. While people have a right to be upset about Trump's win, this also shows how we have bought into the "illusion of inclusion" and have relied on political saviors. All year long I've seen people on social media talk about how "they don't love us" and "fuck the system" to turn around during election season to yell about voting for the same system. 

The same system that is globally oppressing people of color. The same system that put crack cocaine into Black communities, assassinated Black leaders, put poison in the food and water systems, broke up the Black family, stealing money from Black people in Haiti, practicing mass incarceration, and more. All of this in the last fifty years. Yet and still, we're urged to look to this same system, to look at the same people running the system and expect them to "help" us? Sure there are perks such as health care, job titles, retirement benefits, and things of that nature, but overall genocide, miseducation, indoctrination, is still being practiced and always will be. 

Some of us thought because of integration, interracial relationships, Black celebrities, degrees, IPhones, mass media, and other tools used in aiding the illusion that everything was peachy although statistics have shown Black unemployment is still in shambles, poor schooling and miseducation in Black communities is still present, and overall racism never left. Many people wanted Hillary Clinton to win because of her Democrat status although like her counterpart, she also has been caught up a shitload of controversy. Hillary's win would have been another mere era of comfort for Black America while practicing White supremacy behind the backs of people of color. Donald Trump's is right in your face. It seems many of us want to be comfortable while systematic racism is practiced. As long as there's a smiling Democrat in our faces, and a few token Blacks are able to get a leg up in the name of "progress" (while everyone else suffers), all is well. White supremacy went no where, racism went no where. Time to level up. 

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