Baltimore Teacher Fired After Calling Students the "N-Word"

On Wednesday, a Baltimore parent uploaded a video of an unnamed teacher at Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School cursing and using racially profane language at her children.

In the video, the teacher yells to the group of students: "You're idiots! You have the chance to get an education but you want to be a punk ass n*gger who's gonna get shot!" The students in the room just so happened to be primarily Black children. One student replied "stop saying that". The Baltimore City Public School District confirmed that the teacher was fired.

Now it's one thing for teachers to get frustrated with rowdy students, but this is some next level shit. The teacher's true colors came out. Baltimore is a majority Black city and this is a racist teacher teaching a group of majority Black students. It's no telling how many children she's failed on purpose.  Racially aggressive language and attacks have been occurring heavily since last week's election win of Donald Trump. Family, please keep your loved ones and yourselves safe.



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