Michel'le Biopic #SurvivingCompton Airs On Lifetime Oct 15, Misogyny, and Hip-Hop

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Last year the smash hit film "Straight Outta Compton" detailing the rise of the iconic west coast hip-hop group, NWA released in theaters. During the promotion of the film, hip-hop deejay and interviewer, DJ Vlad posted quite a few videos speaking to singer and ex-girlfriend of Dr. Dre Michel'le. Prior to the "SOC" wave, I had never heard of Michel'le, but I was familiar withe her song "Something In My Heart".

Michel'le Toussaint who well known for her unique "Minnie Mouse" voice, but amazing vocals, was signed to former NWA member Eazy E's Ruthless Records label in the late 1980's, Her debut album was produced by Dr. Dre, who she dated at the time and she also bore a son with him in 1991. While dating the world-renown producer, Michel'le sated that Dr. Dre was physically abusive to her. So much that he even broke her nose and her ribs. The biopic "Surviving Compton" will reveal "the darker side" of living in Compton where the singer tells her side of the story being affiliated with the legendary hip-hop group.

Of course with many biopics, there has been controversy surrounding "Surviving Compton". Many people are questioning, why now? Why twenty plus years later does Michel'le want to tell her story? Some people have even concluded that the Lifetime network is using Michel'le and her story to shit on Dr. Dre's success and the success of "SOC". While I don't rule these factors out, Michel'le's story is still valid no matter how long ago the incidents were. Dr. Dre does have a history of domestic abuse including when he assaulted journalist Dee Barnes in 1991. We can't keep presenting the story of "bringing a brotha down" if that "brotha" is disrespecting women.

I don't believe Lifetime is a least bit interested in telling the stories of Black people, especially after that horrible ass "Aaliyah" biopic, and I can't act like they're not riding the "SOC" wave, but the story is still valid and interesting. It has to be painful to see the world praise someone who abused you. It's also very important to tell the story of Black women within the hip-hop sphere. I've been stating for years that when it comes down to discussing hip-hop, many times the voices and contributions of Black women are ignored. No matter how much NWA accomplished and rose from the ashes, we still cannot ignore the misogyny that was presented and praised by the members. In general, hip-hop has had a rough backstory with misogyny that still needs to be addressed and fixed. In response to the biopic's release, Dr. Dre has also threatened to sue Sony if he's shown as an abuser.

I'm very interested in Michel'le's story and I may create a review if I catch it. The wardrobe looks right on the decade, the acting seems cool for it to be a Lifetime movie, and the actress portraying Michel'le (Rhyon Nicole Brown) looks just like her circa the late 1980s/early 1990's. Will you be watching "Surviving Compton" this weekend?

"Surviving Compton" airs October 15 on Lifetime 7/8 Central 



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