#ForeverDuncan Surprise Wedding Will Leave You In Tears (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Mental Mayhem

Have you seen the #ForeverDuncan hashtag this weekend? Let me tell you about it. Not only did a dedicated boyfriend named Alfred propose to his then girlfriend Sherrell, but he also married her in the same day with a planned wedding! Now this is true love and dedication! Alfred who is an Emmy award nominated artist, and Sherrell, a fitness trainer met via a mutual friend in a Washington D.C. nightclub back in 2007. The two started dating in 2013 and continued to stick it out regardless of the tough times. 

The way the proposal happened was because Sherrell thought the couple were having a "competitive date", or a "Servitude Day" where she would have to do everything Alfred asked. By noon Alfred proposed, the wedding was at 5pm, and they were married by 6pm. All of their friends and family were in on it and the sight of it brought Sherrell to tears.

In a world where Black men and women are taught from childhood to hate each other, seeing images like this brings so much joy to me. I hope that the Most High blesses this union forever. 
Watch how it played out below!



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