Emmett Till Memorial Filled With Gunshots

Photo Credit: Kevin Wilson Jr. Facebook page screenshot 

In the summer of 1955, Black Chicago teen Emmett Till visited his family in Money, Mississippi. Till who was 14 years old at the time was accused of whistling at a White woman, brutally murdered by the demonic, racist killers Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam.

The young boy's body was tied on a 70 pound cotton gin fan and tossed in the Tallahatchie River where it was later found. Till's face and body was mutilated so badly that his mother, the late Mammie Till, insisted her son's casket be open during the funeral service for the whole world to see what happened to her son. Emmett Till's unjust murder was one of the triggers that jump started the American Civil Right Movement in the 1950's and 1960's.

Recent news articles have reported that the memorial sign marking where Till's body was found has been filled with bullet holes. According to the NY Times, this sign has been "riddled with bullet holes" for eight years and other markers have been stolen.

While visiting the area, a filmmaker named Kevin Wilson Jr. shared a photo of this discovery on his Facebook page. In the caption, he stated that; "we still have a long way to go". Sadly I'm not shocked by this action because as we've seen from recent events, racism has gone nowhere. Just because it's "2016" and we live in an integrated society doesn't mean things have changed in comparison to the 1950's.

If you'd like to donate, the Emmett Till Memorial Commission has started up a fundraiser to purchase a new memorial sign that will be gun proof.



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