Music Review: DJ Khaled - Nas Album Done ft. Nas

Photo Credit: DJ Khaled "Nas Album Done" music video

My favorite emcee Nasir Jones keeps on showing the hip-hop community that it's extremely possible to spit on a mainstream song and still be lyrical. In 2016, he shows why he's still relevant and has been going strong for twenty plus years. Yesterday DJ Khaled released Nas' "Nas Album Done" video from his "Major Key" album with West Indian Jamaican vibes a gwan. As we know, hip-hop has a strong connection with Caribbean culture, especially Jamaican dancehall and reggae music, so it's only right to showcase that side of the art form.

The song's production has a modern hip-hop sound with samples from The Fugee's 1996 "Fugee-La" track from "The Score" album. The video also featured Louie Rankin aka Teddy Brukshot known from the iconic 1990's hip-hop movie "Belly". You may remember Louie as Lennox, the "original Jamaican don dada".

It's always refreshing to not only hear Nas, but to also see how he's stayed true to his style and his art form in the midst of older rappers and emcees trying to appeal to younger audiences. Check out the video below and tell us what you think.



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