Product Review: The Cloth Pad Experience

In an attempt to switch over to a more natural lifestyle, I decided to try out cloth menstrual pads for "that time of the month". Yes, I know. Some are reading like: "YUCK". That's the same reaction I had when I first heard of them. In doing more research, I discovered the many benefits of reusable cloth menstrual pads, including saving money on purchasing disposable pads, environmental support, and getting away from toxins in commercial pads. While I make sure I keep myself educated on the chemicals that have flooded damn near everything in our modern society, I definitely was not aware of the many toxins and chemicals found in disposable pads. It's so serious, that the chemicals found in these pads could possibly negatively effect a woman's reproductive system. If you ask me, that's pretty ridiculous and it should never be that damn deep to bleed on a piece of cloth.

I purchased two cotton pads from the MamaBear BabyWear Etsy shop to start off my new journey of using reusable pads. MamaBear BabyWear is owned by Amy Washington based in Murray, Kentucky. Amy started her business creating cloth diapers for her children and grew into creating cloth pads, panty liners, and other cloth hygiene necessities for women, including mothers. The pads I purchased were the Single LadyWear Quick-dry cloth menstrual pads in the medium/heavy size, made of natural, undyed cotton flannel.

The pads have flaps on both sides that can snap under an undergarment in order to stay put. These pads were comfortable and felt no different from the drug store pads that I've been so accustomed to.

With many other reusable items, these pads must be washed in order to be properly used again. MamaBear BabyWear gives you a card on how to wash and maintain the pads with a few easy steps. A soaking pot of cold water has to be made for the pad(s) to soak in and after that, they can be washed in a washing machine. The pads can be hung to dry or placed in a dryer and voila, there are your reusable pads ready to be used again. I certainly like this idea and I will be purchasing more in the future.

Would you use reusable pads? Share in the comments!

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