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News Story: Cyberbullied PromBat Girl Speaks Out About Rihanna Diss

I felt like there was a lot of selective outrage in this situation. In my opinion, if the young lady Alexis Collins had not spoken out, there would not be so much backlash aimed towards Rihanna. This is coming from someone who's not a Rihanna fan and realizes how she does bully people online, by the way. I don't think Rihanna is fully the culprit in this situation, but she's not innocent either. I somewhat feel it was blown out of proportion and came to this point unfortunately. This is a broader issue of how many of us share these pictures online, take pictures of strangers, posting them for laughs. We're all guilty of it. We don't know these people that we share picture of, poking fun at them. I believe that's how it was with Rihanna. I doubt she knew the young lady was 16 years old, and a huge fan of hers. I feel in general, we all need to be careful about what we share on the Internet, because we really could be humiliating people.

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