Unpopular Opinion: Gabourey Sidibe Golden Globe's Dress

Just rambling…
I don’t think everyone was being a ‘hater’ or ‘jealous’ because she’s rich. That’s a basic, straight up middle school mentality and it was nauseating to see grown people say things like that. To the nasty commenters, it’s possible they were on that, but not all. Anyway, i personally didn’t like the dress on her, that’s my opinion. I didn’t like Sandra Bullock’s dress either. I’m sure it’s stuff I wear all the time that people don’t like or think suits me, their opinion. I’m sure it’s stuff you wear all the time that people don’t like or don’t think suits you, your opinion.

It’s just very funny how now all of a sudden so many people are so “liberal” and saying how beautiful she is today but on any other day she and other bigger people are made fun of (endless Rick Ross jokes that i admit i laugh at, was just laughing at a few hours ago). As well as TERIO. Smh. It’s also funny how some of these magazines are cosigning her but won’t think twice about featuring plus size/obese women let alone a plus-size/obese Black woman if you paid them smh. 

As I recall there was a picture of her at a basketball game floating around online of her leaning on a dude and the caption was "How does she have a man and I don’t?" (If I find it, I’ll reblog it on this) OBVIOUSLY throwing shade at her appearance. but now all of a sudden everyone is supposedly on her side. I think some people are just excited to see people get shaded, you know how it is on social media, we get mad thirsty to see somebody get their feelings handed to them. Things like this are some of the many reasons I don’t care for public opinion now. People are mad wishy washy. One day the love you, next day they hate you. This is always happening on social media. Whenever there’s a popular opinion, many people pretend to agree but after that it’s back to poking fun at certain stuff/people. (ex. Trayvon Martin “black people need to unite” situation)

Being honest and not cosigning with what the public says, I see both sides: I see that some people are in a way lying to her and making it seem like it’s healthy to be obese/probably some probably don’t personally find her attractive but are saying she’s beautiful to fit in/saying things because everyone else is (some even made an example how especially in the Black community obesity is praised although there are health issues surrounding it)…you know basically jumping on the bandwagon. I also see that it’s good she is in Hollywood and showing that you don’t have to be skinny or have lighter skin to make it. There does need to be some diversity and that’s what she represents. Along with the fact that you don’t have to be skinny to be healthy and that being skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy. 
It was kinda annoying reading people’s comments saying “What does it matter to y’all her size? What does that have to do with y’all?” Please stop acting like you don’t comment on what other people do when it initially has nothing to do with you. WE ALL DO. As well as it was annoying to read the “Black people always tearing each other down” comments. I agree in some cases and in some of the comments that were just straight up nasty (people of other races do the same thing though) but just because someone didn’t like the dress doesn’t mean they’re a “hater” or “tearing her down”. Do we have to agree on everything just because a person is of the same race of us? Aren’t there some things you don’t like about certain Black celebs or what they wear? Does that make you a “crab in a barrel” or a “hater” as well? I’m not understanding since when stating your opinion that goes against the status quo/popular opinion made you a “hater” a “crab in a barrel” or “tearing Black people down”. I understand when it’s hateful, but a lot of this stuff is just a reverse psychology tactic for people who don’t have anything of substance to back up their argument.  

This is somewhat complex. I do feel like you can be beautiful, plus size and be healthy. We’re all different and weren’t all made to look the same. But I do understand how obesity can be a health problem, especially in America and that it shouldn’t just be ignored and brushed aside with “What does it have to do with you?” I feel some people just say that to justify certain things, not because they really mean it. And that isn’t to say everyone who isn’t “average size” is unhealthy as I stated earlier. Just because you’re small doesn’t mean a thing.
I also realize how much weight/size/appearance play such big factors in society (especially for females) and how we as people feed into these notions everyday. But at the end of the day, you can’t regulate anybody’s weight/size/etc. It’s their choice to look how they want to look. With that being said, I do hate when some people with no fashion sense and dress mad basic always comment on what other people wear, but that’s the Internet for ya. Just rambling…



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