LATEPOST: Sharkeisha Fight

I'm so late on this topic, but the Sharkeisha fight, it just wasn't funny to me. The majority of the people sharing/laughing at the video were Black teens/young adults, but let another Trayvon Martin situation happen then everyone will be singing "we shall overcome" and "Black people need to stick together". Miss me with the fugazi Black power posts. Anyway, I don't know the story behind Sharkeisha hitting shorty, but that wasn't cool either. Maybe someone pumped her head up, maybe Sharmichael did mess with her lil' boyfriend, but it should never be that serious to be trying to steal off somebody for that. And to show you what type of "friends" Sharkeisha has, they go and upload the video for the world wide web to see. Sadly, this kind of stuff happens in the hood everyday even when the camera phones ain't rolling. Tell me what y'all think about the Sharkeisha vs. Sharmichael situation.




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