Chi-Town, We Gotta Have Unity….

On FB i saw one of my friends who is a photographer make a status stating:
“When will a Chi models blow up? When will people quit sayin’ Chicago is a city of hater’s? When will artists quit feeling like they need to leave a WORLD CLASS city to get on? The answer is simple as hell… When WE start respecting OURSELVES, quit complaining, and reach out to each other. In other words, it’s time for each and evry one of us (INCLUDING ME) to look in the mirror and put the BLAME THROWER down. The truth is that most of those complaining about the problem ARE the problem!”- Ty Kodak

I couldn’t agree with him more! i’ve been saying this for forever! i been peeped this and it’s true, there is NO unity or support for good Chicago artists.

First of all, let me address something….our culture, and Black culture in general is being white washed, is just disappearing. you wouldn’t even know that Chicago is known for footworking, juking, juke music, blues music, house music, etc. If you came here. nobody really does that anymore and it blows me. To me it seems like people here (not everyone but a select population) is being caught up in the trends from L.A. and the whole “hipster” movement. which is wack to me because a hipster is a person who goes against trends and does their own thing, but now it’s a trend to be a hipster if you catch my drift.

What trends/styles do we have to offer? people here dress like the people in L.A. so much, idk if i’m in L.A. or Chicago. then what kill me is folks SWEAR UP AND DOWN THEY ARE UNIQUE AND HAVE SWAG


Please leave and do it quickly…

Then it’s just a big ass popularity contest. everybody got a group; ABC, XYX, XYZ, etc. It’s crazy to me because people in these groups or whatever don’t even do anything (some throw parties) but it’s like dang people who don’t do squat with their lives are more well known than people who do.

So what can we do to solve this issue? All we can do it try. try to collaborate, keep our culture alive, network with genuinity, and don’t let anybody stop your show.



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